Gifts from donors in our own communities are at the heart of the Community Foundation's endowment. Anyone can become a donor, including individuals, families, groups, businesses or private foundations. It's easy!

Gifts can take the form of cash, stock (stock donation instructions) or other securities, life insurance or, upon Board approval, certain other assets. You can also make planned gifts through bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, IRAs, or pension funds. We encourage you to discuss planned gifts with your tax or financial advisor. Community Foundation staff are always available to answer questions and provide information to help you choose the right giving option and assist you. Please contact us with questions or concerns as you and your professional advisor discuss tax and estate planning issues related to your gift.

The Community Foundation accepts gifts made on your VISA or MC by phone or through our website here. If you wish to make a gift of anything other than cash, please contact us directly so we can explain the procedure for non-cash gifts.

Thank you for your interest in helping our community through a gift to the Community Foundation!

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
Alexander J. Wetzel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Art Sharpsteen Scholarship Fund
Barbara H. Chaffee, MD, MPH Educational Fund
Binghamton Police K-9 Fund
Black Knight Fund
Black Knight Legacy Fund
Black Knight Scholarship Fund
Bob Stocks Memorial Fund
Broome County Public Library Development Fund
Charles Hibberd Bassett Senior Citizen Fund
Community Foundation Library Fund
Community Impact Fund
Decker Ayers III Memorial Scholarship Fund
Duane R. Skrabalak Memorial Award in Music Fund
Early Childhood Capacity Building Fund
Edna Lake (sub-fund of Greene Scholarship Fund)
Elaine S. Stratton Memorial Scholarship Fund
E. L. Rose Conservancy Conservation Fund
Gerald DiGiusto Scholarship Fund
Greater Oxford Community Fund
Greene Community Scholarship Fund
Ida Anne Lipshultz Madrigal Choir of Binghamton Fund
Johny Stringfield Scholarship Fund
Jones Memorial (subfund of Greene Scholarship Fund)
Julia Klecha (subfund of Greene Community Scholarship Fund)
Kirkwood Inspiration Park Fund
Mello-Dears All Girls Drum and Bugle Corps Scholarship Fund (In honor of Fred Ford)
Nicholas Spawn Memorial Upward Bound Scholarship Fund
Norman and Carrolyn Davies Donor Advised Fund
NYS Womens (subfund of Greene Community Scholarship Fund)
Owego Rotary Arthur B. Stiles Fund
Oxford Black Hawk Fund
Paul G. and Miriam B. Mattern Fund
Peter Cronk Scholarship Fund
Phelps Mansion Preservation Fund
Price Family Scholarship Fund
Racketa Family Fund
Robert Crittenden (subfund of Greene Community Scholarship Fund)
SEEDS of Hope Fund
Selrahc Ah-Wa-Ga Legacy Fund
Steven B. Cantella Memorial Fund
The General Community Fund
The Lisanne P. Bobby Fund
The Tina Fund
The Women's Fund
Tina Turner (subfund of Greene Community Scholarship Fund)
Viviana Pena Scholarship Fund
Women's Fund Empowerment Society